The Vintage Underground 7 (The 10 Shilling Cigar: Calypso, Jamaican Mento and Good Ol' Music of the Caribbean)

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The Vintage Underground 7 (The 10 Shilling Cigar: Folk Music of the Caribbean) by The Vintage Underground on Mixcloud

In this episode of The Vintage Underground, we will delve into the lyrical and musical delights of the Caribbean, focusing especially on the folk music of Jamaica(mento)and Trinidad and Tobago(calypso) whilst exploring a dab of reggae along with the Caribbean influence on U.S. and British folk scenes.

Harry Belafonte, "Man Smart, Woman Smarter"
The Lion, "Ugly Woman"
Bedasse, "Rough Rider"
The Hiltonaires, "Chiney Baby"
Growling Tiger, "Money Is King"
Lord Melody, "Mama Look a Booboo"
Carl Malcolm, "Hey Fatty Bum Bum"
Linton Kwesi Johnson, "Inglan Is A Bitch"
Horace Andy, "Today Youth"
Max Romeo, "Rasta Bandwagon"
The Kingston Trio, "Bimini"
The Spinners, "Rukumbine"
Blind Blake, "John B Sail"

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