1. Maya

From the recording Realms of Reassuring Reality

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The first sign was the shimmering line and crack in the flow
The light that frayed the edges and the sky hanging low
The voice that hollered dark and clear
The distant visions drawing near
The spark in the mind
The rays through the blinds

You shook the shackles fine and burned the fetters away
Your rigid rooted stance became an elegant sway
You roared with gusto, spoke in rhyme
And broke the bonds of fear and time
Nothing like this
Could cease to exist

Maya, Maya, Maya
Now and then I can see

And now you've grown accustomed to the growling inside
The split between reality, the thorn in your side
And that which finds its way unseen
Into the spaces in between
The fragments that fit
And those that just won't do it

Maya, Maya, Maya
Now and then I can see