From the recording Realms of Reassuring Reality

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There's a Darkness

There's a darkness deep inside me
And a thirst that no drink could ever quell
God knows if I'm bound for glory
God know's if I'm bound for hell
But for all of my misgivings
There's a story my heart must tell

When I left the shores of England
With no money to take me back again
I had time for my misfortune
I had time enough to spend
But with age comes plenty reason
To look back and make amends

Well the more of the road I travel
Seems the less of this world I tend to see
Chasing phantoms down blind alleys
Following visions out at sea
Yet somehow these apparitions
Might just be a part of me

Seems each heart ache let's the mind wake
From its slumber and drives you on again
To another destination
To another journeys end
And when something calls you homeward
You forget where you came in