From the recording Realms of Reassuring Reality

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Like A Dog A Bone

These are
The daily unrun races
The disenchanted faces
Of which we are a part

There stands
Someone seeking glory
In someone elses story
Loading up the heart

Give him the skeleton man
Riding the caravan
Into the unknown

Give him good and evil
Give him the boll weevil
To chew up his home

And give him what he needs to not feel alone

Sometimes I think
These are not my people
But this thought's too simple
To ever bring me home

And so I'll help you
Build your house this morning
Bury you for mourning
Like a dog a bone

And I'll write the poetry
Carve the mythology into stone

And give you what you need to not feel alone

Like a dog a bone
Like a dog a bone
Like a dog a bone