From the recording Realms of Reassuring Reality

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The Shimmering Lines

There's a mountain that's some way away
In the far reach of space does its peak sway
There the father of time has his deep dark lair
When I went up to strike him down
I looked all around but he wasn't there
I guess it just goes to show
How much I really know

I sat for decades beneath the same tree
Expecting wisdom to pass into me
One day it flew like an arrow above my head
It woke me up from the slumbering deep
I looked round to see that the forest was dead
It seems that while I'd been gone
Life had been carrying on

There's a home that someday I might find
Play my guitar on the shimmering lines
Of the shores that separate here and there
I'll be so caught up in the now
The tethers will fade of my worries and cares
Until one bright sunny day
They won't even be there