From the recording The Great Folk Heist

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Cold winter was howling o'er moorland and mountain
And wild was the surge on the dark rolling sea
When just about daybreak I spied a wee lassie
Who asked me the road and the miles to Dundee

Says I, my young lassie, I canna well tell ye
The road and the distance I canna well give
But if you'll permit me to go a wee bit dear
I'll show ye the road and the miles to Dundee

At once she consented and gave me her arm
Ne'er a word did I ask who that lassie might be
She said, gentle sir, I'll never forget ye
For showing me so far on the road to Dundee

Then she took the gold ring that she wore on her bosom
Said take ye this in remembrance of me
So bravely I kissed the sweet lips o' the lassie
Ere I parted wi' her on the road to Dundee

So here's to that lassie I canna forget her
And every laddie who's listening to me
O never be loathe to convey a young lassie
Though it's only to show her the road to Dundee