From the recording The Great Folk Heist

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I once loved a lass for many's the day
And I countered them that against her did say
But now she's rewarded me well for my pain
She's going to be wed to another

When I saw my bonnie love to the church go
With bridegrooms and maidens she had a fine show
And I followed after with heart full of woe
Though it was not my fortune to get her

The clerk of the session he gave a loud cry
Those with objections I pray bring them nigh
Thinks I to myself oh objections have I
Though it was not will to confront her

The men of the forest they ask unto me
How many strawberrys grown in the salt sea
And I asked them back most mysteriously
How many ships sail in the forest?

I could dig me a grave so dark long and deep
And strew it all over with flowers so sweet
And there lay me down for to take a long sleep
That might be the way to forget her

But now she is off so away let her go
I'll never give over to sorrow or woe
But I'll cheer myself up and around I will go
And hope I will soon find another