From the recording Delirium Tremens

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Revelation of the Broken Mind

The summer wind is riding high
Carrying the dead to the by and by
Estranged from that down below
From the earth comes a burning glow
I'm seeing out the winter blues
With alcohol and summer blooms
Which gather where death can never go
Lovely flowers standing in a row.

Now's the time, now's the time, now's the time
For the revelation of the broken mind
I'm here today, I'm here today, I'm here today
And there is nothing standing in my way
Only tomorrow, Only tomorrow
Which'll soon be gone

Echoing through the summer rain
The funeral of yesterday
Is ringing like churchbells in my ears
Don't think I'll be shedding any tears
Whiskey flows and my mood is strung
To the violin of the moring sun
With strings to sooth my aching brain
Don't think I'll be leaving here today


On a country slope where a rugged cross
Is at constant war with the clinging moss
Life is happy just to be
A small part of the tapestry
All alone on the beaten path
Life's an eel but it's in my grasp
A thousand volts to shake my fears
And love to see me through the years