From the recording Delirium Tremens

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Some Cosmic Hand

You're thrown into a world where the concrete grows no trees
Where the splintered bones of ages past slice ghosts upon the breeze
And the sad wailing of madness sings it's symphony of fear
And as you're blown apart you think what am I doing here

You start to realise with age there's logic in this mess
That the unchartered map of life is just a little test
For you to fill in lines and mark the spots along the way
The last one being your burying place on that final day

And each line represents a path you've chosen to walk down
Each spot a place you rest your head or another little town
A place that you call home of sorts from which you're bound to leave
When you're tired of every inch and it's getting hard to breathe

You might decide to settle down and find yourself a wife
Cos that's the only way you know to make anything of life
Or you might just think to hell with that I'm only here a while
The straight line don't hold much for me I'm gonna walk the ragged mile

There you'll find the potholes the uneven bumpy roads
The ragged minded clowns and bums who follow their own codes
You might turn to the bottle let the poison rot your brain
Then turn to normal men and say how can you call me insane

You'll dance to a mysterious tune and follow it somewhere
Then wake up in a ditch and think how the hell did I get there
You'll learn to climb its walls alright and when you get knocked down
It's better to get up again than slither on the ground

And when the daytime turns to dusk and strange visions fill the sky
You'll wonder what will happen to you when you die
But that should be of no concern you've done the best you can
Let your body limp and reach out for some cosmic hand