From the recording Delirium Tremens

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Delirium Tremens

Shut up, can't hear you anymore
Don't wanna see your face
Is that a mirror, smash it to the floor
Am I in a fairytale place
My guardians, they stand all around me
Casting doubt on all the things
I think I ought to be
And voices holler in the darkness
They cause me unrest, filling my chest
With a heavy glow
I don't know anymore if I know
Which way anything should go.

Woke up, gazed into my hands
Am I another man
Yesterday I wasn't really sure
I had to see a little bit more
Turning, why must it keep turning
Round so fast, I thought the last
Would wind down to a stand
Well then, where does all the fear come from
Dominating every hating thought within my brain
If this is sane then what's insane
Where's the water in the rain.

And if I take the wires from my head
Am I alive or dead
Who is this judge, what a nasty grudge
He seems to have against me
Leave now, you ain't welcome so just leave now
Leave this mind to rest in peace
It ain't yours so give it some relief
If I ever see the clear day
I swear I'll do whatever I can
To try and keep it this way
Forever's hard to fit in a day
But I might just have found a way.