From the recording Delirium Tremens

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Holy Hovering Man

Shimmering shackles tangled backwards
Fumbling frozen falling free
From the dark night starlight shine bright
Shove me into eternity

Holy hovering man I'm calling
Got to give to the giver you see
Cos the giver gave me the ground to wander
And granted me some serenity

Stealers slingers slinkers and bookers
Brokers broke every bone in me
Thick as thieves blood brother think on
If you're conscience will let you be

Holy hovering man I'm thinking
Do and die before death does me
Cos death don't know the way to wander
But I do so he won't get me

Talk back tremble take the gamble
See serene in uncertainty
Crack the concrete kick the conquerer
Back to where he is meant to be

Holy hovering man I'm thinking
Got to take from the taker you see
Cos the taker will take the breath I'm breathing
And take all that was given to me