1. Glorious Dawn

From the recording Delirium Tremens

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Glorious Dawn

Oh glorious dawn
Now that the darkness has gone
Living is such that it's just enough
To be happy with carrying on

Oh glorious dawn
I know where I went wrong
Not seeing between every worn out scene
And playing the game for too long

Oh glorious dawn
I've been chasing the shadows out
And kicked back the stories my time was about
Hot on their trail with a scream and a shout
I'll never endeavour to go on without
Humility, gratitude or grace

Oh glorious dawn
You were there all along
I was the one who hid the sun
And wondered where it had gone

Oh glorious dawn
Did it take much to follow you
To do all the things that I had to do
To face all the memories I didn't want to
To forgive and forget those I hated too
To stamp out my pride and to take my place
To spit out the venom and lay to waste
Every poisonous thought that was taking place
No it didn't take so much to do
Just a will and a desire to
See through the false to the true

Oh glorious dawn
I think I've weathered the storm
Now the flash in my mind where the rain clouds broke
Is an island of reverent calm