From the recording Delirium Tremens

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The Junkard in the Sky

Down on the avenue
The clack of high-heeled shoes
And the chewing gum and the basements
And the blackboard blues
And the living fear of God in you
Is gone to the gutter and the golden dew
I sit with the rats as the river's laid flat
And a fourth king comes from a sleeve rolled back
And I beat my fists and my head gets cracked
By an eight ball hanging in an old brown sack
An old brown sack

I should have stayed at home tonight my love
Should have locked all the bottles away
But there's something in the stars that says my love
Tomorrow's gonna be your day

Midnight screams like a furious dream
Where the joker's dancing for the killer queen
And the whistling jack is just plain mean
To the grovelling king in the flaming ring
I lay with the crickets as they click out a tune
And imagine the expression of the face on the moon
Well it's his time to shine though it's over to soon
Then anger and contempt at the sun at noon
The sun at noon


There's a big old empty church that echoes remnants of hymns
It leads a drunken stranger to the solace within
And there upon the hard oak bench he sweats out his sins
And wonders what tomorrow has in store for him
Can you see the rubbish bags are piled high
Gonna scale them to the junkyard hanging in the sky
There's a tramp up there he'll look you square in the eye
And say I'm god you know and I'm inclined to deny
That it's a lie