From the recording Delirium Tremens

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Hold Me Back Little One

In the coming of signs and the reasoning of minds
We were all lost in time
When the effigy bled on the bones of the dead
I was out of my head
When the barroom ran dry not a light in the sky
Offered even a lie

Hold me back little one
Hold me back little one
Hold me back little one
Hold me back
They're blocking the sun

And the sins of the past held fast to the glass
And refused to pass
And the peace found in night turned to fear of the light
And a stain on my sight
If you see me again and I'm crippled and bent
Count backwards from ten


And now in repose I can only suppose
That the thought never rose
Of a time that would come when I'd stand firm and shun
All the things that I know
But don't ever believe that the darkness in me
Has taken it's leave