From the recording Delirium Tremens

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Rings Around the Circle of the Sun

John get up your work is never done
Rings around the circle of the sun
Son there's someone waiting here for you
And there's a morning you must wake up to

And if this one don't work out
Don't worry if it seems like
Everything is against you
It just isn't true
Your mind is something new

And your brothers are drifting
Away from all that made them
Tell them your love is without bounds
But that you've found
A place to wear a crown

And nobody knows where they'll be tomorrow
Bow your head in prayer
And let the answers follow
And let no thoughts of past
Be your constant sorrow

John you know the dark has been your friend
But now it's time to put it to an end
Lovely child your cradle is set free
Drift forever on this crazy sea

And if this time don't work out
Don't worry how it seems now
Everything and everyone
And every life is changing anyhow

And nobody knows what will be tomorrow
Death may someday come
But the dead you cannot follow
That was your old life
Sleeping in the hollow
Now the way is clear
You man of constant sorrow