1. The All Seeing

From the recording Delirium Tremens

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The All Seeing

The fog is over now
We are the dawn as it breaks golden
We are tracing our footsteps through the forest
We were born into the chaos and the splendour
I am not sleeping and I know for certain
The all seeing

And my hands are raised
I see the chapel of creation
Though it screams out you can only hear a whisper
Of its sadness and its love

I am sober now
And I'm trying to be part of it
I am reaching out for something I've forgotten
And it's near me I can almost hear it breathing
And it's wrapping its long arms around my being
The all seeing

Minutes turn to dust
As we race on through the ever-after
Hurtling through the momentary madness
Of this life and its love

We are the living now
Each breath will cast the past asunder
I am somewhere but I don't know where I'm going
And it's fine now
It's just fine