1. Run Boy Run

From the recording Delirium Tremens

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Run Boy Run

The big ship sails on the straight and narrow
Row row row boy fire your arrow
Take a tip from the mad old laughing sun
We're here today and we're gone tomorrow
And inbetween you must fill the hollow
Where we land is anybody's fun

It's an unsung victory for the living dead
They built these walls and they're in your head
Now it's time to rest before you run
Here's the wolf's neck wring it til it's wrung
Now it's done

There's a beam of light in the wild black yonder
A peasant's moon so you can sit and wonder
Why the rooster woke you up today
Burn burn burn in a restless haze
Or run boy run with your feet ablaze
The next stop is a million miles away

Don't be lazy don't be proud
Keep your mouth shut if your mind gets loud
There's nothing left here standing in your way
Here's the switch so turn up that old sun
Now it's done

The lark is singing to a silent dawn
Mother mountain greets the morn
With light majestic magic in her eyes
Round and around to the piper's tune
Don't you worry don't be blue
There's no need to say a last goodbye
Something's calling in the afterglow
Pick yourself up now don't be slow
Someone's waiting on the other side
See the stars are folding one by one
See the stars are folding one by one
Now it's done