From the recording Delirium Tremens

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I'll Try for the Moon

The evening is a graveyard
There's a devil on my trail
He doesn't mean me any harm
He says he's bored as hell
A spaceship pales the rainclouds
With a soft unearthly glow
Admiring it's creations down below

I once had a girl
Who seemed to love just what I am
But in my time of madness
She took on her heels and ran
And sometimes when I look back
From some smoke-filled dusty train
I can see her standing in the rain

I might greet the midnight
With a hallowed be thy name
Or watch my minds reflections
Go trickling down the drain
Any way you look at it
You know it's all gone soon
So tonight I'm gonna try for the moon

All in all
I've never been a martyr to a cause
I keep my religion
In a bundle by the door
And every now and then
When something takes me by surprise
I use it to open up my eyes


Life I love you dearly
And whatever that entails
I know I've been a strange one
I go slipping off the rails
But if you grant me audience
With this universe tonight
I'll do what I can to make it right