From the recording Delirium Tremens

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I Never Unravelled

I never unravelled
Spilled my guts down the drain
Needed someone to listen
While I was going insane
And the clouds gently gathered
And they laughed at my mind
Then they opened above me
Washing away all the rhymes

But they never went far
Left a drip in the jar
Of the lightning that strikes
At the heads seeing stars
And I'm seeing red
Cos it's never been said
That the man's got a name

When I woke up this morning
Time had circled again
Minutes still clung to the rafters
Hours were lost in the game

And the melody's strung
To the crucifix hung
On the wall by the bed
Where the ungrateful dead
Dig a hole in the dreams
Of the sleeper who leans
On the sun's dying beams

And it's all down to chance
And it's all up to fate
You can carry the love
If you suffer the hate
You can sweat blood and tears
For the lines that appear
On the page as you wait

And I know it means something
To a traveller somewhere
Leaving tracks in the desert
Leading out of despair