From the recording Delirium Tremens

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I'm So Tired Mama

I'm so tired mama
I want to go home
Don't know where to find it these days
And I'm too weary to roam

Been down on a whim
Been down on a plan
Been trying to do what's right
The best that I can
It's those things that they won't tell you mama
They're the things you need to know
You know I shook them and beat them mama
But now I've got to let go


I wandered the past
I slaved to a dream
I'm running on steam dear God
Not electricity
I'm still building my cabin from wood
Brick's too cold to me
But even that's gotta burn now
If I'll ever be free


I've been searching high
I've been searching low
Been looking for truth dear God
Wherever I go
I've been broken and fixed now mama
More than I care to know
And there's one thing I'll say for certain
You reap just what you sow