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The Vintage Underground 17 (Gone To Pot: Obscure Sixties Mixed Bag)  

This month we'll be introducing an eclectic mixture of sixties singers. There was a theme for the show to begin with but it soon went to pot and ended up being whatever we pulled out of the bag. Our guests will be the incredibly talented Bryan Benner and the Pool Boys who play a couple of live songs before joining me on a song for the finale :-)

Boxer John:
Bryan Benner & The Pool Boys:


Jim Sullivan "Jerome"
Lee Michaels "Carnival of Life"
Norman Greenbaum "Marcie"
Sonny Bono "My Best Friend's Girl Is Out Of Sight"
Tim Buckley "Hallucinations"
Timothy Leary "What Do You Turn On When You Turn On?"
Cher "Needles and Pins"
Alan Price "Changes"
Andrew Leigh "The Magician"
David Hemmings "Backstreet Mirror"
Bryan Benner and The Pool Boys "Glorious Summer"
Bryan Benner and The Pool Boys "Silent Love"
Boxer John with Bryan Benner & The Pool Boys "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound"


The Vintage Underground 16 (Good 'Ol Boys & Good 'Ol Times: Country/folk from 30s to 70s) 

In this episode, myself and Travis will unearth some nice old folk country tunes and talk a little bit about the artists behind them. Our guest spot will be filled by Douglas Linton (U.S.) and his friend Anja (AT)who will bang out a couple of beautiful old folk tunes about the Titanic, along with an original, before joining me for one last song to see you guys out. Enjoy :-)

Douglas Linton:

Sixties Psychedelia: Syd's Salaciously Psychedelic Spunk Receptacle 

Listen to this show (permanent link):

Main segment: An exploration of some of the psychedelic groups of the late sixties to early seventies. Guest segment: Band "Little Big Sea" will make an appearance and perform a unique and exclusive interpretation of an old English folk song before joing host Marcos John Arrow (Boxer John) in a live performance of an old folk murder ballad.

The Vintage Underground on Facebook:
Little Big Sea (This show's guests):
Marcos John Arrow(Boxer John):

Playlist:Main Segment: Pink Floyd "Candy and a Currant Bun"
Tomorrow "My White Bicycle"
Jefferson Airplane "Lather"
Kaleidoscope (U.S.) "Keep Your Mind Open"
Kaleidoscope (U.K.) "(Further Reflections) In The Room of Percussion"
Jason Crest "Black Mass"
The Paisleys "Now"
Ruby Jones "Looking Out At Tomorrow"
Sam Gopal "Yesterlove"
Hearts and Flowers "Ode to a Tin Angel"
World of Oz "Like a Tear"
Gandalf "Hang on to a Dream"

Guest Segment: (Little Big Sea)

Vashti Bunyan "The Train Song"
Connie Converse "How Sad, How Lovely"
Little Big Sea "Bushes and Briars" (Live on show)
Little Big Sea with host Marcos John Arrow (Boxer John) "The Greenwood Sidee" (Live on show)
Lothar and the Hand People "Today is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow