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The Vintage Underground 20 (Rock Dandy and The Light-Footed Troubadour: Sixties Picks and a German Folk Guest Spot)  

On this show, I'll be presenting some obscure and less obscure tracks from the 60s with a nice mixture of feel-good and melancholy. Our guest will be the highly original talent of Jan Rohrweg who will be presenting us with some vintage record picks and chatting with me about musical influences before performing some of his own unique compositions in German. As a finale, myself and Jan will perform a mixed language version of the old German protest song, "The Peatbog Soldiers" (Die Moorsoldaten). Enjoy :-)

Boxer John:
Jan Rohrweg:

Barclay James Harvest "Mother Dear"
Atomic Rooster "Winter"
The Grateful Dead "Ripple"
The Who "Boris The Spider"
Traffic "Dear Mr Fantasy"
UFO "C'mon Everybody"
The Kinks "Dandy"
Roger Miller "Not in Nottingham"
Reinhard Mey "Nicht In Nottingham"
Jan Rohrweg "Sisyphos"
Jan Rohrweg "Anders Wo"
Jan Rohrweg "System Analyse"
Boxer John & Jan Rohrweg "The Peatbog Soldiers (Die Moorsoldaten)"

The Vintage Underground 17 (Gone To Pot: Obscure Sixties Mixed Bag)  

This month we'll be introducing an eclectic mixture of sixties singers. There was a theme for the show to begin with but it soon went to pot and ended up being whatever we pulled out of the bag. Our guests will be the incredibly talented Bryan Benner and the Pool Boys who play a couple of live songs before joining me on a song for the finale :-)

Boxer John:
Bryan Benner & The Pool Boys:


Jim Sullivan "Jerome"
Lee Michaels "Carnival of Life"
Norman Greenbaum "Marcie"
Sonny Bono "My Best Friend's Girl Is Out Of Sight"
Tim Buckley "Hallucinations"
Timothy Leary "What Do You Turn On When You Turn On?"
Cher "Needles and Pins"
Alan Price "Changes"
Andrew Leigh "The Magician"
David Hemmings "Backstreet Mirror"
Bryan Benner and The Pool Boys "Glorious Summer"
Bryan Benner and The Pool Boys "Silent Love"
Boxer John with Bryan Benner & The Pool Boys "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound"


The Vintage Underground 16 (Good 'Ol Boys & Good 'Ol Times: Country/folk from 30s to 70s) 

In this episode, myself and Travis will unearth some nice old folk country tunes and talk a little bit about the artists behind them. Our guest spot will be filled by Douglas Linton (U.S.) and his friend Anja (AT)who will bang out a couple of beautiful old folk tunes about the Titanic, along with an original, before joining me for one last song to see you guys out. Enjoy :-)

Douglas Linton:

The Vintage Underground 13 (Travis & The Corncob Scarecrow: An Old Bluesish & Countryish Mixed Bag) 

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There's no strict theme to today's show but most songs are likely to fit into the blues & country genre in some ill-fitting way or another. Expect some super-rare stuff alongside some voices that might be a little more familiar. This month's live guest will be Chilean folk singer Dottore Guzman who will play some beautiful south-American folk and even a Chilean folk song translated into German. To cap the show off, he will sing with one of the show's hosts to see the programme out.

The Vintage Underground 6 (Back to the Roots: Revisiting Traditional Folk) 

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Seeing as we haven't much been covering the traditional aspect of folk since the first show, we thought it might be high time to do so now. Expect lots of obscure records by some incredible artists complete with some background info and history. In the second part of the show, we will be joined by Irish and Austrian duo Peter, Paul and Barry (really, they are a duo) for some fantastic Irish and American music and they will join me for a song to see the show out. Playlist to follow broadcast.


Terry Callier-Johnny Be Gay If You Can Be
Cyril Tawney-Chicken on a Raft
Folkdove-The Wind and Rain
Luke Kelly-Dainty Davy
Anne Briggs-Blackwaterside
Matt McGinn-The Rolling Hills O' The Border
Martyn Wyndham-Read-Over The Hills
Bert Lloyd-The Derby Ram
Alan Lomax-All the Pretty Little Horses
Danny Spooner-Culler Herrin'

Guest picks:
Hickory Wind-Red Rocking Chair
John Martyn-May You Never

Live songs:
Waterbound-Peter,Paul and Barry
The Mad Lady and Me-Peter, Paul and Barry
The Mountains of Mourne-Boxer John with Peter,Paul and Barry

Guest Link:

60s Underground and Overground: Summer Silk and Strange Brews 

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In this show we will explore some excellent underground, semi-psychedelic sixties songs pertaining to aspects of the weather with the occasional dash of the occult from the darker side of the hippy generation. During the second segment of the show, host Marcos John Arrow, aka Boxer John, will be joined by two of the show's previous guests, Patrizia Sieweck and Markus Brandstetter for some live folk covers of songs from Southern U.S., World War 2 and the river Thames. Enjoy what we think will be a great mid year show :) Playlist and artist links will follow broadcast of show.

Guest Links:


Main Segment:

Dr Marigold's Prescription, "The Land of Fusan"
Strawberry Alarm Clock, "Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow"
Nirvana, "Rainbow Chaser"
Hawkwind, "Hurry On Sundown"
Harsh Reality, "Heaven and Hell"
Black Widow, "Come to the Sabbat"
Tyrannosaurus Rex, "Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat)"
The Zombies, "Brief Candles"
Aphrodite's Child, "End of the World"

Guest Choices:

Bruce Molsky, "Lazy John"
Warren Zevon, "Lawyers, Guns and Money"

Live songs from this show:

Boxer John, Patrizia Sieweck and Markus Brandstetter, "Lili Marlene"
Patrizia Sieweck, Boxer John and Markus Brandstetter, "I'll Fly Away"
Boxer John, Patrizia Sieweck and Markus Brandstetter, "Dear River Thames"

Vague Beginnings and Loose Ends: 60s and 70s songwriters. 

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In this episode we will explore the origins of a couple of well-known songs and serve up a tasteful splattering of obscurities to boot, before being joined live by Laura Rafetseder and Markus Brandstetter who will perform a handful of folk songs from Ireland, the U.S. and the Carribean, accompanied by host Marcos John Arrow (Boxer John).

Main Segment:

Carol King, "Tapestry"
Don Mclean, "Tapestry"
Lori Lieberman, "Kiling Me Softly With His Song"
Pete Ham, "Without You"
Peter Sarstedt, "Time, Love, Hope, Life"
Brian Protheroe, "Pinball"
Nico, "These Days"
Sid Selvidge, "Amelia Earhart"
Paul Masse, "Season Sun"
Marianne Faithful, "Lady Madelaine"

Guest Segment:

Dion, "No-one's Waiting For Me"
Link Wray, "Rumble"

Laura Rafetseder, Markus Brandstetter and Marcos John Arrow (Boxer John), "My Son John" (Live on this show)
Markus Brandstetter, Laura Rafetseder and Boxer John, "Pay Me My Money Down" (Live on this show)
Boxer John, Markus Brandstetter and Laura Rafetseder, "Island in the Sun" (Live on this show)

Introducing Songwriters of the Sixties and Seventies: Not Just Bloody Love Songs Innit Mush! (Live Guests-Bird People) 

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In this show we will be introducing some very obscure songwriters along with better known ones with lesser known songs. Our guests this time will be Bird People which consists of members from Austria, Hungary and the U.S. As usual, the first segment of the show will deal with a little musical history, records and commentary from hosts Marcos John Arrow (U.K.) and Travis Leggett (U.S). During the second segment of the show our guests will present a couple of records and talk about their instruments before playing live both with and without one of the shows hosts.

The Vintage Underground on Facebook:
Bird People (Live Guests):

Playlist :

Main Segment: Lee Hazlewood, "No Train to Stockholm"
Rex Holman, "Red is the Apple"
Buffy Sainte Marie, "God is Alive, Magic is Afoot"
Donovan, "Roots of Oak"
Bridget St. John, "To B Without a Hitch"
Ed Askew, "Mr. Dream"
Bill Nelson, "End of the Seasons"
Dino Valente, "Everything is Gonna Be Ok"
Harry Chapin, "Laugh Man"
Roy Harper, "Twelve Hours of Sunset"

Guest Segment:

"Big Sweet" Lewis Hairston, "Bile Them Cabbage Down"
Peter Walker, "Sunshine"

Bird People, "I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground (Live on this show)
Bird People and Boxer John (Marcos John Arrow), "Shady Grove" (Live on this show)