The Vintage Underground 19 (Voices Part 1)

This episode concentrates soley on those artists I believe to stand out from the crowd as sounding totally unique and soulful. Most fall into the singer/songwriter and country genre. Some are already well-known whereas others, I can guarantee, are not :-) Enjoy.


Ray Materick "One Thing I'll Never Ask Is Why"
Bob Dylan "Seven Curses"
Nico "Chelsea Girls"
Rex Holman "Here In The Land of Victory"
Sam Signaoff "Blue Duck Fly to North Country"
Melanie "Peace Will Come"
Blaze Foley "If I Could Only Fly"
Johnny Cash "Country Trash"
Mickey Newbury "Write a Song a Song/Angeline"
Tim Buckley "Pleasant Street"
Lee Hazlewood "Run, Boy Run"