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The Vintage Underground 19 (Voices Part 1) 

This episode concentrates soley on those artists I believe to stand out from the crowd as sounding totally unique and soulful. Most fall into the singer/songwriter and country genre. Some are already well-known whereas others, I can guarantee, are not :-) Enjoy.


Ray Materick "One Thing I'll Never Ask Is Why"
Bob Dylan "Seven Curses"
Nico "Chelsea Girls"
Rex Holman "Here In The Land of Victory"
Sam Signaoff "Blue Duck Fly to North Country"
Melanie "Peace Will Come"
Blaze Foley "If I Could Only Fly"
Johnny Cash "Country Trash"
Mickey Newbury "Write a Song a Song/Angeline"
Tim Buckley "Pleasant Street"
Lee Hazlewood "Run, Boy Run"

The Vintage Underground 18 ( Wild Spreading Roots: Folk & Songwriter) 

On today's show, we'll be presenting a selection of rare folk and songwriter music from the 30s through to the 70s. Our special guest is Mickey Murphey from Northern Ireland who will play some instrumental folk guitar tunes live before joining one of the hosts for a final song. Enjoy :-)

Boxer John:
Mickey Murphey:


Eric Anderson "Today Is The Highway"
Fred and Vinvola Redden "Banks of the Claudie"
The Humblebums "Mary of the Mountains"
Folkdove "The Dark Eyed Sailor"
Fred Townsend "Seamus O Brian"
Mississippi John Hurt "Candy Man Blues"
Odetta "John Henry"
Sweeney's Men "Dicey Reilly"
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior "My Son John"
Warren Fahey & The Larrikins "Gum Tree Canoe"
Wizz Jones "Sally Free and Easy"
Mickey Murphey "Ski Slope Shuffle"
Mickey Murphey "Tohair Dom Do Lamh/ Off To California"
Mickey Murphey "Fragile"
Boxer John & Mickey Murphey "Blues Run The Game"


The Vintage Underground 13 (Travis & The Corncob Scarecrow: An Old Bluesish & Countryish Mixed Bag) 

Listen to this show:

There's no strict theme to today's show but most songs are likely to fit into the blues & country genre in some ill-fitting way or another. Expect some super-rare stuff alongside some voices that might be a little more familiar. This month's live guest will be Chilean folk singer Dottore Guzman who will play some beautiful south-American folk and even a Chilean folk song translated into German. To cap the show off, he will sing with one of the show's hosts to see the programme out.

The Vintage Underground 8 (The Old Hickory Broom: Echoes of Americana) 

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The Vintage Underground 8 (The Old Hickory Broom: Echoes of Americana) by The Vintage Underground on Mixcloud

In this episode (number 8 already), we'll take a little dip into the waters of various forms of country and blues and dig up some totally obscure artists alongside those who are perhaps a little better known. The guest spot will be filled by an enormous talent called Critical Jim who will lull you all into sweet delirium with a smokey voice and some great picking (accompanied in part by myself and previous guest, Markus Brandstetter).

Link to Critical Jim:


Dino Valente-Me and My Uncle
John Koerner-Ramblin' and Tumblin'
Dolly Parton-Dumb Blonde
Robert Hunter-Boys in the Barroom
Paul Siebel-Bride 1945
Eddie Hinton-Big Fat Woman
Susan Christie-Ghost Riders in the Sky
The Poe Sisters-The Best of Friends Must Part
Davey Graham-Cocaine
Donovan-Keep On Truckin'
John Hartford-Skippin' in the Mississippi Dew
Ry Cooder-How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live
Critical Jim-The Water is Wide (Live on show)
Critical Jim-Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor (Live on show)
Critical Jim-Just a Man (Live on show)
Boxer John & Critical Jim-The Big Rock Candy Mountain (Live on show)