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The Vintage Underground 19 (Voices Part 1) 

This episode concentrates soley on those artists I believe to stand out from the crowd as sounding totally unique and soulful. Most fall into the singer/songwriter and country genre. Some are already well-known whereas others, I can guarantee, are not :-) Enjoy.


Ray Materick "One Thing I'll Never Ask Is Why"
Bob Dylan "Seven Curses"
Nico "Chelsea Girls"
Rex Holman "Here In The Land of Victory"
Sam Signaoff "Blue Duck Fly to North Country"
Melanie "Peace Will Come"
Blaze Foley "If I Could Only Fly"
Johnny Cash "Country Trash"
Mickey Newbury "Write a Song a Song/Angeline"
Tim Buckley "Pleasant Street"
Lee Hazlewood "Run, Boy Run"

The Vintage Underground 6 (Back to the Roots: Revisiting Traditional Folk) 

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Seeing as we haven't much been covering the traditional aspect of folk since the first show, we thought it might be high time to do so now. Expect lots of obscure records by some incredible artists complete with some background info and history. In the second part of the show, we will be joined by Irish and Austrian duo Peter, Paul and Barry (really, they are a duo) for some fantastic Irish and American music and they will join me for a song to see the show out. Playlist to follow broadcast.


Terry Callier-Johnny Be Gay If You Can Be
Cyril Tawney-Chicken on a Raft
Folkdove-The Wind and Rain
Luke Kelly-Dainty Davy
Anne Briggs-Blackwaterside
Matt McGinn-The Rolling Hills O' The Border
Martyn Wyndham-Read-Over The Hills
Bert Lloyd-The Derby Ram
Alan Lomax-All the Pretty Little Horses
Danny Spooner-Culler Herrin'

Guest picks:
Hickory Wind-Red Rocking Chair
John Martyn-May You Never

Live songs:
Waterbound-Peter,Paul and Barry
The Mad Lady and Me-Peter, Paul and Barry
The Mountains of Mourne-Boxer John with Peter,Paul and Barry

Guest Link:

Vague Beginnings and Loose Ends: 60s and 70s songwriters. 

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In this episode we will explore the origins of a couple of well-known songs and serve up a tasteful splattering of obscurities to boot, before being joined live by Laura Rafetseder and Markus Brandstetter who will perform a handful of folk songs from Ireland, the U.S. and the Carribean, accompanied by host Marcos John Arrow (Boxer John).

Main Segment:

Carol King, "Tapestry"
Don Mclean, "Tapestry"
Lori Lieberman, "Kiling Me Softly With His Song"
Pete Ham, "Without You"
Peter Sarstedt, "Time, Love, Hope, Life"
Brian Protheroe, "Pinball"
Nico, "These Days"
Sid Selvidge, "Amelia Earhart"
Paul Masse, "Season Sun"
Marianne Faithful, "Lady Madelaine"

Guest Segment:

Dion, "No-one's Waiting For Me"
Link Wray, "Rumble"

Laura Rafetseder, Markus Brandstetter and Marcos John Arrow (Boxer John), "My Son John" (Live on this show)
Markus Brandstetter, Laura Rafetseder and Boxer John, "Pay Me My Money Down" (Live on this show)
Boxer John, Markus Brandstetter and Laura Rafetseder, "Island in the Sun" (Live on this show)

Traditional Folk: An Extravagant Yet Barely Articulate Compendium 

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A broad overview of traditional folk from the English language tradition with special guest Patrizia Sieweck singing both live solo and as a duet with one of the show's hosts. Folk music from England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, the U.S. and Canada.
Patrizia Sieweck:
The Vintage Underground on Facebook:
Marcos John Arrow (The Vintage Underground):



Mickey Newbury, "On Top of Old Smokey"
Martin Carthy, "The Dominion of the Sword"
Dick Gaughan, "Now Westlin Winds"
Sweeney's Men, "Dance to Your Daddy"
Stan Rogers, "Barrett's Privateers"
Brenda Wootton, "Rape of the Mackerel Shoals"
Tom Madden, "The Broken Down Squatter"
Cyril Tawney, "Sammy's Bar"
Doc Watson, "Shady Grove"
Fairport Convention, "Sir Patrick Spens"
Melanie, "Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)"
Levon Helm, "Anna Lee"
Patrizia Sieweck, "The Lowlands of Holland" (Live on this show)
Patrizia Sieweck and Marcos John Arrow (Boxer John), "The Bold Grenadier" (Live on this show)
Pete Seeger, "Oh Had I A Golden Thread"